What Shaped You 14k Bryan Anthonys Necklace

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14k Bryan Anthonys Necklace

Made in USA

Comes in gift box with card that reads:

'Stop running from your mistakes, from your failures, from your decisions. Stop running from your past. You deserve to be loved without hiding parts of yourself. Maybe your past isn't pretty. Maybe it's messy and complicated, but isn't that what makes us truly beautiful? The fact that we can face disappointment, we can face sorrow, we can face pain and despite it all - we survive. Do not live in the past, but accept it for what it is. Accept that it's your story. Accept that it's your journey. Remember that your past does not define you, but it has prepared you - it has shaped you. Maybe you're a little bit stronger. Maybe you're a little bit wiser. Maybe you're more understanding, more caring, more empathetic. Stop running - you can not outrun your past. You can not outrun yourself. You are worthy. You are magic. You are incredible - both past and present.'