Inner Beauty Bryan Anthonys 14k Necklace

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Bryan Anthonys 'Inner Beauty' 14k Necklace

18" Long

Comes in gift box with card that reads: "I hope you know you are beautiful, not because someone said it, but because you feel it – deep within your bones. I hope you know your beautiful, not for the numbers on the scale but for the number of times you made someone feel alive. I hope you know you're beautiful, not for the way your skin looks, but for the way you feel in it - comfortable, confident and absolute. I hope you know you are beautiful not just because of your body, but because of your mind, because of your thoughts, because of your soul. In a world where we emphasize the outside, please don't ever lose sight of what's in. You are beautiful beyond the surface. You radiate light from the inside out - the kind of beauty that makes life more beautiful for others. Bold soul, fierce heart, strong mind - You're everything all at once. The world needs more beauty like yours"