Create Your Own Magic 14k Bryan Anthonys Necklace

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14k Bryan Anthonys Necklace

Made in USA

Comes in gift box with card that reads:

'You have magic deep inside your soul, but somewhere along the way you stopped believing it. And that's the thing about magic — it's not about seeing, it's about believing. And I need you to believe in yourself again — in your brilliant capabilities, in your endless possibilities, in your infinite potential. You have the power to live the life of your dreams — to follow your passion, to go afterthe things that matter most. Stop waiting for extraordinary things to happen andcreate your own magic. Make doubt disappear and courage reappear. Transform fear into adventure. Turn endings into beginnings. Take chances, and let the unthinkable happen. You are more powerful than you could ever imagine. You are filled with passion, curiosity, and wonder. You are made of magic my dear — now all you have to do is believe.'