Bryan Anthonys Take Note 14k Necklace

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Bryan Anthonys 14k Necklace

18" Long; Made in USA

Comes in gift box with card that reads: "Life is full of highs and lows. There are beautiful moments and aching setbacks. Do not let life's difficulties stop you from sharing your heart with the world — from playing your own song. Take note of the things that light you up. Find what revitalizes your soul and what awakens your bones. Never silence your instincts. Turn off negativity and stay close to the sounds that inspire your mind and ignite your spirit. Listen to your own voice and follow the beat of your own heart. Stop and reminisce in the good times, but do not replay the same mistakes. You aren't bound by your past — you are moved by your future. You are bigger than your troubles. You are passionate and you are powerful. You have music deep inside your soul — the world is your instrument and life is your song. Play from your heart and trust the rhythm of the universe."