Bryan Anthonys Endings 14k Necklace

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Bryan Anthonys 14k Necklace

18" Long; Made in USA

Comes in gift box with car that reads: "I hope you know that it's ok to let things end. It's ok to leave certain things behind. I hope you learn that just because something ends, it does not mean that you have failed. I hope you realize that even though endings can be heartbreaking, they do not have to be. Endings can be clarifying. They can be enlivening. They can be just what you need. Endings can give hope — they can be your second chance. It is the universe's way of telling you that there is more — more than you had planned, more than you had imagined. When something ends, you are given space — space for something new, space for something better. You free yourself from what is and open yourself to what is next. You allow yourself to change, to search, to bloom. So, the next time something ends, do not be transfixed by its finality. For this is just an ending my dear — not the end. An ending marks one chapter in your infinite story — it's time to write the next."