Bryan Anthonys Do Not Chase Love 14k Necklace

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Bryan Anthonys 14k Necklace

18" Long; Made in USA

Comes in gift box with card that reads:"I hope you learn how to wait for love, instead of chasing it. I hope you understand that it doesn't matter how hard you chase after someone — anyone that you need to chase after is not worth catching. I hope you know that the right person will never make you chase down their love. The right person will show up and they will never leave. I hope you realize that there are other beautiful things worth chasing. Do not chase love. Do not chase people. Chase adventure, spontaneity and inspiration. Chase your curiosity, your passion and your dreams. Chase compelling conversations. Chase moments that take your breath away. Instead of convincing someone that you belong in their life — spend time building your own. I promise you that love will come along when you least expect it. It will come after you've fallen in love with yourself. It will come after you've fallen in love with the world around you. When you stop chasing love and start building a life you love — it will find you."